A journey into the unknown of body knowledge

Sunday 08 September

Parco 11 settembre
Via Azzo Gardino


Sunday 08 September h.11.30

Parco 11 settembre
Via Azzo Gardino


A journey into the unknown of body knowledge



A journey into the unknown of body knowledge



A journey into the unknown of body knowledge

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A journey into the unknown of body knowledge

From this year Festival Danza Urbana the MA Choreography (maC), Master in Choreography of the Inter-University Dance Center in Berlin HZT, start a collaboration to offer a space for experimentation, meeting and comparison between young authors and between these young authors and the public of Bologna’s city.

At the end of the Festival, four young choreographers, students of the MA, invite the public to a performative walk, exploring the urban landscape of Bologna through their choreographic practice.

The project questions how artistic strategies can open up to the sensorial experience of a territory. The connections between bodies, ideas and places create temporary plots that can be woven together.

The MA Choreography (maC) opens a space for the development and deepening of one's own artistic practice. This space is a divided and social one, where questions of participation, cooperation and social responsibility are central to the understanding of contemporary choreography.

Research, feedback and critical reflection, as well as the examination of other arts and working methods enable an intensive two-year process which gives time for testing and questioning choreographic strategies.



MA Choreography (maC)

Jadi Carboni was born in Bologna, and since 2001 she has lived in Northern Europe. 
She is a dancer, choreographer, sound and Yoga therapist, outrider of different performing
arts and healing practices, where sound and movement are the medium for communication, discovery and creation.
She studied at the National Dance Academy of Rome, at the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam and at the Venice Biennale under Carolyn Carson. Jadi has worked throughout Europe, South America, and the USA under/with artists such as Kirstie
Simson, Kathleen Hermersdorf, Stephanie Maher, Katie Duck, Toula Limnaios, Julyen Hamilton, Barbara Wachendorf, Scottish National Theatre and Sasha Waltz. In addition to her work in dance, Jadi is a poi spinner with London-based Feeding the Fish company,  and a prize-winning actress (”El Ray,” Barcelona Film Festival). In 2019, with the help of the Master program (MAC), she produced her first short screendance film, which has been selected by Espressioni and Berlin Short Film Festival.

Clara Federica Crescini, born in Italy, she studied diverse dance techniques and movement related practices in Milano, Vienna and Berlin. Since ten years she has been cultivating her enormous curiosity for movement and creation by meeting the research of Cinzia Delorenzi, Teatro delle Moire, Eva Karkzag, Compagnia Nut, Bruno Caverna, Lisa Nelson, David Zambrano and lately FM practice among others. In Berlin she performed in projects of Anna Nowicka, Jan Burkhardt and Idan Ioav among others. During the last few years she has been busy with questions regarding collective decision making and the development of horizontal structure in artistic practice. She is dealing with themes regarding sensual feelings and feminism working with her Drag Queen persona Gladys. In her last solo work “Hommage” she opens up the topic of social structures in juxtaposition to the invisible world of feelings and the human capacity for transformation.

Alica Minarova, born in Slovakia, studied Financial mathematics as well as Choreography in Prague. As an exchange student, she spent one year at La Manufacture in Lausanne. In the past years she has been dealing with topics like sharing of intimacy, public nudity, feeling of not belonging and never arriving. Lately, she shifted her attention towards nature with her last piece 'What Water Was'. Her pieces are described as visual movement poems, where the bizarre meets serious.

Akemi Nagao is a Berlin based artist, dancer and choreographer.
As a choreographer she has been collaborating with many different kinds of artists (Anna KUBELIK - architect, Bettina NEUHAUS - choreographer/dancer, Michael TUTTLE - sound artist, Min OH - visual artist, and more) at Akademie Schloss Solitude, Villa Massimo, Künstlerhaus Bethanien Berlin as well as others. Over the last few years she has been dealing with topics which are very important for our life but we are not comfortable to talk about, such as discrimination in her latest work “B OR D ER S?”, and sex and sexual desire in her upcoming work “juicy Metamorphosis”.

Scheda Artista Completa

Ideation and interpretation
adi Carboni, Clara Federica Crescini, Alica Minarova,Akemi Nagao
Project of
MA Choreography (maC), Master in Choreography of the Inter-University Dance Center in Berlin HZT
Academic direction
Prof. Wanda Golonka, Prof. Susanne Vincenz