Who cares? Ecologia del dialogo

Friday 06 September

Piazza San Francesco


Friday 06 September h.19.00

Piazza San Francesco


Who cares? Ecologia del dialogo



Who cares? Ecologia del dialogo



Who cares? Ecologia del dialogo

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Who cares? Ecologia del dialogo is a co-creation project in which four young choreographers and two musicians make their meeting the starting point for the construction of a performance that revolves around the theme of the Anthropocene. Languages, bodies, universes confront each other, giving life to a new community: the transmission of personal diversity of each of its components, from an accessory, instrumental fact, preparatory to the staging, becomes central, making the collective creative journey a paradigmatic laboratory of the possible symbolic actions in the face of the epochal uncertainties faced by man in the renegotiation of his role in the ecosystem. In the uncertain frontier between methods, cultures, symbolic apparatuses, the strong point of a new collective entity is set, which is not defined within given boundaries, but in the comparison around common borders.

On the stage an imaginary territory of the Mediterranean takes shape, a geography beyond any possible toponymy and ethnography, which brings with it the architecture and traditions of Lebanon, Italy and Spain. In this land of encounters the only bargaining chip is the dialogue between bodies, engaged in the creation of a vocabulary, dancing, playing, made up of gestures and actions, joints and conflicts to answer the question Who cares?.

If I ask you: Who cares about environmental disasters, community, culture, politics?



Bassam Abou Diab

Bassam Abou Diab is a theater graduate from the Lebanese University and a folklore and contemporary dance artist, his professional journey started as an actor and dabke dancer.

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Leonardo Maietto

Leonardo Maietto, born in Orvieto in 1985, was trained at the National dance academy and studied Arti e Scienze dello Spettacolo at Università La Sapienza. In 2010 he moved to Paris, where he danced for the companies of Emilio Calcagno, Pal Frenak, and Karine Saporta. At the same time, he collaborated with Centre G. Pompidou for the performances of Tino Sehgal, Ass. Felix Gonzales Torres, M. Abramovic´, Les Gens D’Huterpan, Willi Dorner, Living Theatre, Alexandre Roccoli, and Davis Freeman. In Italy he collaborated with Paola Lattanzi, Enzo Cosimi, Cristina Rizzo, Simone Forti, Giancarlo Cauteruccio, and Fabio Ciccalè. He moved to Rome and in 2017 created “The Club Lab,” a laboratory for professional training of the Vivo Ballet. He founded, with Margherita Dotta, the collective Verso Energhèia; here he experiments on crossbreeding performances and visual arts. During a residency at Centro 6 Aprile Audiovisual, he created Matrice A and De la Cage à l’abîme, which were supported by Ass. PinDoc, MACRO and Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature in Paris.

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Olimpia Fortuni

Olimpia Fortuni, born in 1985, is a dancer and choreographer. She graduated from Paolo Grassi in 2008, and then ended the two-year "Writing for contemporary dance" directed by Raffaella Giordano in 2010. Soon after she created the collective Famigliafuchè; concludes the training course for professional dancers, organized by OperaEstate and studies with the Dv8 physical-theater in London. Participate as a guest at the 2016 BIDE in Barcelona. He worked for "Kiss" by Tino Seghal and in "Lo scorre" by Vettori Pisani, for Costanzo / Rustioni, Arearea, Valdoca, Samotracia, Giorgio Rossi, Raffaella Giordano, Casa Strasse, Zerogrammi and Company Blu. He is co-author Pieradolfo Ciulli of "Viale dei Castagni 16" awarded to the Next Milano competition. Participates in the Anticorpi Award (2016) with the first movement of his solo "Subject without title" and debuts at Kilowatt Festival 2017 with the full version. She currently works with Sosta Palmizi, of which she is an associated artist, for the choreographer Maria Francesca Guerra, for Elisabetta Consonni, Matteo Fantoni and her latest creation "Fray" which participates in the Anticorpi Award (2017).

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Yeinner Chicas

Yeinner Chicas is borned and grows in Masaya, Nicaragua. From an early age he studied Nicaraguan Folkloric Dance collaborating as an interpreter of the Folkloric Dances Ballet of his land Masaya for eight years. Developing his professional training in Modern Dance, Chicas graduates in the Nicaraguan Academy of Dance while he forms part of the Company of Contemporary Dance Art and Dance of Nicaragua for five years.

Today he is a dancer and teacher specialized in Contemporary Dance, Caribbean rhythms and Nicaraguan folklore.

Currently Yeinner Chicas continues simultaneously as a producer and promoter of the scenic arts in Nicaragua developing festivals and other parallel activities in order to create greater expansion of these in the Central American region.

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Created and performed
Bassam Abou Diab, Yeinner Chicas,  Olimpia Fortuni, Leonardo Maietto
Original music
Ayman Sharaf El Dine, Stefano Zazzera
Project by
Matera Capitale Europea della cultura 2019
"Petrolio - uomo e natura nell'era dell'Antropocene"
Fondazione Matera - Basilicata 2019 and Associazione Basilicata 1799, with Fondo Etico by BCC Basilicata
Associazione Cantieri, Associazione Culturale Danza Urbana, Asociación Cultural Las Voces Humanas, Associazione Mosaico Danza, Cooperativa Anghiari Dance Hub, Fondazione Fabbrica Europa, Ravenna Festival, Maqamat Beit El-Raqs, Network Anticorpi XL