Friday 06 September

Via Del Carrozzaio 15


Friday 06 September h.11.00

Via Del Carrozzaio 15




Danza Urbana is offering a contemporary dance workshop with Zhiren Xiao, a Chinese artist who is hosted by the Festival. This workshop will take place in the premises of Almastudios, at Almadanza (via del Carrozzaio 15) in the following days:

- Friday 6 September from 11 am to 1 pm

- Saturday 7 September from 11 am to 1 pm

In repetitive training, the internal driving force of the body starts to drive the flow of muscle lines, resulting in the instantaneous explosion and extension of the body. Using the rotating inertial force to train the speed and strength of the center of gravity transformation, so that the body parts can fully expand to reach the whole body energy.

A series of body movements are performed by shaking the bones, muscles, internal and peripheral senses of the body.

Zhiren XIAO


1 class: 25 € + AiCS annual membership € 6.40
(20 € for Almadanza members)

2 classes: 40 € + AiCS annual membership € 6.40
(35 € for Almadanza members)

For further information and to register please write to danza@almastudios.it and state the number of classes you wish to attend, and whether you are an Almadanza member.

Zhiren Xiao

Dance therapist, freelance choreographer and contemporary dancer.
He has joined Beijing LDTX modern dance company, Guangdong Modern Dance company, and was invited as guest dancer of Expression Dance company of Australia and Y-space Dance Company of Hong Kong.
His works as a choreographer have been performed internationally and has received several awards: the scholarship of Asian culture council (ACC) to study in the United States; the status of "2011 International Choreographer" given by the American dance festival; his piece “RELATIONSHIPS” was awarded the second prize at Hannover 32nd International Choreography Competition in Germany. The 23rd MASDANZA Festival International Choreography Competition in Spain he got the Audience Prize to the Best Choreography; the Special Mention of the Jury in the Choreography Contest; and The Body Radical / Touchpoint Arts Foundation Award.
Since 2019 he was appointed part-time professor at the Dance and Choreography department of Henan Normal University in China.

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