Information XXIV Edition 2-6 September 2020


The festival shows will take place in the premises of DumBo (via Camillo Casarini 19), except for Touch – The equality of differences by Anna Albertarelli, on Sunday 6 September at 5pm, which will be performed at Chiostro della Basilica di San Martino (via Oberdan 25).


For information about the festival events:

From the 1st September you can contact (calls, whatsapp, sms) the number +39 349 8110083 every day from 10am to 6pm

  • You can browse:
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Tickets are required for the shows at DumBo:

  • for The Halley - solo, Evento, Manbuhsa, Stanza 1-5 Site, 1.0, A distance to the sun the ticket is Euro 3.00.
  • for Bermudas and The angular distance of a celestial body the ticket is Euro 7.00.

Daily passes are available:

  • Wednesday 2 September – daily pass Euro 7.00 (The Halley – solo, Bermudas)
  • Thursday 3 September - daily pass Euro 9.00 (Manbuhsa, The Halley- solo, Bermudas)
  • Friday 4 September - daily pass Euro 9.00 (Evento, The angular distance of a celestial body, The Halley - solo)
  • Saturday 5 September – daily pass Euro 8.00 (Stanza 1.5 Site, 1.0, A distance of the sun, The Halley- solo)
  • Sunday 6 September - daily pass Euro 4.00 (A distance to the sun, The Halley - solo)

Tickets and daily passes can only be bought online on


The show Touch – The equality of differences has free admission, subject to availability.


3puntozero – apparizioni coreografiche per la città and 3puntozero – apparizioni KIDS per la città can be watched via streaming on the facebook page


The shows marked with the Cinnica - Free consultation for a child-friendly city logo are also recommended by the Festival to an audience of families.


The Festival wants to guarantee the safety and serenity of the audience. That is why we work in compliance with the health regulations for the COVID-19 emergency.

We have carefully chosen wide places and contexts, suitable to offer the enjoyment of the shows while preventing to create crowds of people.

The personal data collected at the time of ticket purchase or at the points of access to the show (name, surname, telephone number) are requested and kept for a period of 14 days in compliance with the Prime Ministerial Decree of 11 June 2020, concerning the fight against and containment of the spread of the Covid-19 virus. This data will not be used for other purposes, in compliance with the GDPR.

We ask the collaboration of the audience for the success of the Festival, respecting a few simple rules:

The audience must wear the protection mask until they reach the assigned seat and in all movements within the show areas.

The audience must always observe the physical distance of at least 1 metre at the information points, inside and outside the performance areas.

The audience are invited to clean their hands with the hydro-alcoholic solutions located in the Festival spaces.

The Festival staff is at your disposal for any information you may need. Enjoy the shows!